Canada Fibers is commissioning a plastics recycling plant named Urban Polymers that will focus on creation of pure, homogeneous plastic materials from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.
Urban Polymers will commence operations this spring at a 160,000-square-foot facility in Toronto.
During its initial phases of development, Urban Polymers will focus on production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) flake (recycling washing machine) material, as well as production of compounded polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) (granulating line) in pellet form.
PET is the primary source of material for beverage bottles (washing line ) and single serving food containers, with PE and PP utilized to produce packaging for other liquids including household detergents.
The company says Urban Polymers will provide purity and consistency for plastic processing customers. Further, Urban Polymers will distinguish itself through advanced custom compounding of PP and PE materials (recycling line).
Urban Polymers will be capable of processing 25 million pounds per year of PET and 11 million pounds per year of PP/PE during its initial phases of development.
One example of a company using recycled plastic is Dell, which has set a goal of using 50 million pounds of recycled-content plastic and other sustainable materials in its products by 2020.