What types of plastic can be recycled?
All plastic bottles, jars, jugs and round dairy tubs (yogurt, margarine, etc.) No color restriction. Rinsed. No lids.
Plastics Recycling – Yes / No List
YES Plastics – Clean & Empty
The residential recycling program accepts all clean plastic bottles, jars, jugs, and dairy tubs including those listed below. No other plastic is accepted.
YES Plastic jars and jugs (e.g., rinsed bleach, detergent & cat litter jugs)
YES Plastic bottles (recycling machinery) (e.g., beverage, detergent & condiment bottles)
YES Round plastic dairy tubs (e.g., yogurt, cottage cheese and pudding containers)
NO Plastics (+ reasons)
In general, plastic items that are not accepted for recycling are refused because:
They are made from a resin that is not recyclable because of low supply or high remanufacturing cost.
They contain more than one type of plastic resin.
They have too much food and/or moisture residue.
They are dirty.
Specifically, our residential recycling does not accept any plastic that is not a bottle, jar, jug or dairy tub, including:
NO polystyrene foam (e.g., peanuts, egg carton, packing) – litter; wrong resin
NO Take-out containers (e.g. clamshell, deli tray) – wrong resin
NO Plastic cups, plastes or utensils – brittle; wrong resin
NO Plastic bags, plastic wrap or bubble wrap – wrong resin; litter
(Clean plastic shopping bags can be recycled at many grocery and retail stores.)
NO Lids (e.g. juice box lids, jug lids, plastic bottle caps) – jam recycling equipment; litter
NO Six-pack rings – wrong resin; litter
NO Disposable diapers – usually wet or dirty; health hazard
NO Containers that contained hazardous or toxic material (e.g., antifreeze, oil) – health hazard